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5 Gold Prospecting Tips for Treasure Hunt Documentaries

Are you into movie production and planning on shooting a documentary on a gold prospecting adventure? Consider yourself lucky as this article will arm you with much-need information to succeed in the endeavor. What is a documentary? It’s a real-life, non-fiction film that educates its target audience about a topic, event, or person.
Documentaries are educational and detailed in a bid to persuade viewers. Documentaries are an integral component of the movie industry. They serve several purposes; they help open the mind of a target audience and guide their thoughts and actions. Documentaries help educate people on diverse topics, offer insights into subject matters, and create an avenue for new research.
Many hold a widespread belief that documentaries aren’t challenging to put together; they believe that once you have an idea, some camera equipment, and an audience to present the work, you already have what you want. However, it goes beyond all that. Lots of efforts go into coming up with an excellent, crowd-pulling documentary.
A treasure-hunt documentary is one that involves carrying viewers along in a treasure-finding adventure. It strives to explain and educate its audience about the struggles, tools, and body of knowledge involved in hunting a particular treasure. Objects of interest in treasure-hunting documentaries are usually ones of high economic or socio-cultural value. Examples include artifacts from sunken shipwrecks, gold, diamond, scarce plant and animal species, etc.

Making a Documentary of a Gold Prospecting Adventure

Gold prospecting is one of the most common treasure-hunting adventures. It involves embarking on gold-finding endeavors, deep into gold-dominant environments. It’s a feat that takes lots of planning and resources, human and material. Making a documentary of a gold prospecting adventure isn’t one you go into without clearly understanding what it entails and requires. Here, we’ll be examining some tips that every producer of a gold prospecting documentary must know.
  • Carry Out an Extensive Research
    Gold’s a rare commodity that takes time and resources to discover. The first step to successfully shooting a documentary of a gold-finding adventure requires extensive research on the subject matter. Doing this won’t only give you a comprehensive knowledge of what you’re getting into, it’ll save you lots of stress. Although it’s mostly hidden, there’s a chance of you stumbling upon some nuggets lying in the open, waiting for you to pick them.
Extensive research will grant you access to a wealth of information about gold mines, already-explored, and new. You’ll learn the methods and techniques to adopt in the search for a valuable artifact. Checking out the history of the area on which to focus will ensure you don’t get into trouble with the site’s inhabitants. You’ll also discover the type of land it is and ensure you don’t embark on a fruitless adventure.
The internet is a viable means of getting a variety of resources and information on gold prospecting. Please make use of your local libraries and museums too, as they’re good sources.
  • Invest in High-Quality Equipment
    A gold prospecting documentary is an avenue for you and your team to showcase your storytelling and cinematography skills. It’s an opportunity to build a significant fan base. Achieving your gold-finding documentary goal and purpose requires the deployment of high-quality instruments in your adventure.
Equipment including gold pans, snuffer bottles, cameras, and gold metal detectors must be of the highest quality, to avoid errors and make your life easy. Leisure Head is an excellent online platform to check for the best gold metal detectors. Also, you need to procure the proper survival gear you’d be needing. Essentials like boots, backpacks, sunscreen, appropriate clothes, etc. must be adequate.
  • Obtain Approval from Claim Holders and Landowners for Access
    It’s no news that many of the popular gold-bearing areas have outright owners or claim holders. Before embarking on gold prospecting in a particular gold-bearing area, endeavor to find its owner or claim holder and seek permission to mine. Many of them are ever ready to grant access to their sites. You should go ahead with the prospecting only after securing approval to avoid misunderstandings in the adventure course.
  • Make Security a Priority
    A gold prospecting documentary shooting isn’t one you should embark upon without making adequate provision for security. You might encounter unscrupulous elements like robbers on the way. Secure the services of a private security company to offer some protection during the adventure.
  • Gather a Team of Individuals That Share Similar Goals as You
    Successfully shooting a gold prospecting documentary requires the best hands and brains you can get. As the producer, ensure your team consists of people who share a similar goal: people who understand what has to be done and work together to achieve the common goal.
Shooting a treasure-hunting documentary can be highly tasking and demanding. However, following the tips examined above will go a long way in making things easy for you and your team.

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