Line Street isn’t merely a film website; it’s the home of everything about International documentaries. This genre is both educational and excitingly entertaining. Unfortunately, some individuals have a wrong perception of these films and think of them as dull. Therefore, we set out to not only change that narrative but also to garner people’s interest.

We achieve that by outlining and discussing issues and themes highlighted in various documentary films. We also use this platform to explore recent trends in the genre and talk about new releases. On the other hand, we also engage readers with analysis and reviews of some of these movies.


Despite the difference in the types of documentaries we have today, one common thing is factual material. Hence, there’s an advantage of seeing real-life experiences in them. Thus we aim to spotlight historical moments and extract topical issues from these documentaries. They include things like justice, civil rights, race, and even animal life.


Our team isn’t a large one but consists of dedicated and passionate writers, editors, and film analysts. There’s a beautiful diversity of team members, and that impacts our writing to create a balance. Besides their expertise, they carry out adequate research for each post. Therefore, our readers can rest assured that our content is as factual as the basis of documentaries.

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