Most Common Things Seen In Different Films

Films, though an art of fiction connects with our daily life so well that we can’t stop imagining ourselves as one of the characters from the films. We not only watch the scenes but we live them and subconsciously adopt many new lifestyle practices, inspired by movies. This happens especially when some common scenes are seen again and again, in different films. It sets a pattern or the trend for the given practice. This can be anything; from hairstyles of different actors to the color of shoes they wear, from cars they drive to the slang language they use, it can be anything.

But the most common thing that is found in all the movies of all the genres, be it comedy, romantic, tragedy, suspense, crime thriller, anything; one thing that is never missed is the Coffee. Whether the guy wants to know more about his girl or is tired of doing office work, it is always the coffee which helps. A very quality time can be spent over a coffee with so many hopes popping inside you Now take the example of world-wide famous film “Fifty-shades of Grey”, the things began with coffee only opening the doors for the hope of a beautiful relationship while spending time in knowing about each other A lot happens over a coffee. Actors are even seen proposing their partners over a coffee, with a design of a heart on top of it or something even more interesting.

Now, it. not just the romance but the style too that matters. How hot Tom Cruise looks while walking with a hot cup of coffee in his hands? Very hot. Okay, now these are not the only purposes that coffee serve. It can solve much more complicated issues like the case is solved in the film “The Usual Suspects. Chazz Palminteri is finally able to solve the case when he notices the cup of coffee shattering on the floor, three times crow.

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