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Have you sat and watched a movie that is eye-catching to an extent you postpone everything just to watch it from start to finish? NZT movie is one such type of movie which has another limitless name. Neil Burger the Director and Leslie Dixon the producer took their time to make a thrilling film that shows the power of a nootropic drug that enhances the brain of the main actor who is an author.
The plot begins from a writer Eddie Morra who has a girlfriend Lindy. Lindy feels that Eddie is not hardworking enough. She thinks that the effort Eddie puts on the writing does not commensurate the rewards and decides to break up with him. At this point, he is vulnerable and falls into the trap of her ex-wife brother Vernon who introduces him to this powerful drug to help him progress in his book writing skills. He now feels he has more power to handle multiple works than when he was pout of drugs. They become fond of each other until after some months Vernon was murdered by his accomplice in the drug deal. Now that Eddie is addicted to this drug and it proves that it has changed his way of life for the better, he still resorts on how to get the daily pills of drugs from Vernon’s sources.
He now makes god money from his writing career and he now wants to be an investor. This helps him to meet financial millionaire to strike a deal. At this point, he has times skip as side effects to the drug. It is at this time when he was meeting with the financial tycoon Gennady, he watched the news and notices that there is a lady that was murdered in his hotel room and realizes she had slept with her during the time skips. This is the beginning of trouble for he is now followed. Gennady on noticing his usage of NZT; he now introduces himself to yet another millionaire who they are to do a bank merger by the name Carl Van Loon.
At the end of the meeting, Eddie goes into a time skip for 18 hours. This is a temporary memory lapse as a side effect of the drug. At this point, they are back together with the girlfriend Lindy but they later broke up as a result of the excess use of the drug and its side effect especially when it comes to a high sexual urge that Lindy could not cope with.
Eddy is noticing that this is a drug that either kills or sends people insane He is also addicted and now decides to set up his laboratory and dietary measures to cope up with the side effects. The Tycoon in which he has a merger is also on the drug but later was murdered. Gennady now uses Eddie as his drug supplier and there is a man in a trench cost whom he later recognizes as Gennady’s bodyguard who he uses to source the drug. Vernon goes into a coma and finally dies.
He is now on the run as the prime suspect and tries to lock himself in the house to avoid arrests. After a year, Eddie is doing well financially to a point that he can run for the Senate seat in the United States. He uses his laboratory to test his dosage and to manage its side effects.
Up to this point, you cannot just afford to switch off the TV or laptop. You just want to watch and see how the events unfold.

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