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Documentary films are part of the non-fiction genre of movies and motion pictures. They aim to maintain historical moments and records, but they also apply for educational, instruction, or entertainment purposes. Thus, they're records and interpretations of real events and factual materials. Some people believe it was the world war that inspired this genre.

Our Aim

Despite the difference in the types of documentaries we have today, one common thing is factual material. Hence, there's an advantage of seeing real-life experiences in them. Thus we aim to spotlight historical moments and extract topical issues from these documentaries. They include things like justice, civil rights, race, and even animal life.

Team Line Street

Our team isn't a large one but consists of dedicated and passionate writers, editors, and film analysts. There's a beautiful diversity of team members, and that impacts our writing to create a balance. Besides their expertise, they carry out adequate research for each post. Therefore, our readers can rest assured that our content is as factual as the basis of documentaries.

However, there are some older recorded films. One significant pioneering documentary was of the Bolshevik ascent to power in Russia in 1917-1918. Another one, Robert Flaherty's Nanook of the North, was a record of Eskimo life from his observation in 1922. It was also around that time H. Bruce Woolfe did a series of compilation films on World War I.


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The genre achieved increased value over time. Presently, even social media content platforms like YouTube provide an avenue for more growth.

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